January 14th, 2013 | Projects, Vegas

Set in 1960′s Las Vegas, this breakthrough CBS drama thrills as cowboys fight mobsters. Starring Dennis Quaid as sherrif Ralph Lamb, Michael Chiklis as Vincent Savino and Jason O’Mara as Ralph’s brother Jack Lamb, this drama is packed with megawatt talent that leaves you wanting more. Ralph is a cowboy turned reluctant Sheriff who along with his brother Jack, solve shocking crimes which are more often than not committed by mafia members. Savino, the head mob boss, runs scams tied to the Chicago mob and always seems to have his fingers in the wrong pie. Tune in to watch it all unravel on CBS Tuesdays at 10/9c!


  • Nori Grudin

    If you haven’t already please email CBS, your thoughts on why Vegas should be renewed. Please be polite, and tell other fans who aren’t on social media to do it as well. Fans can’t be silent; we have to let our
    voices be heard. We’ve lost too many good shows.

  • Buggs56

    Today I ran into Jason in Atlanta, actually I chased him down, sorta. I am not normally a person who cares about “famous people” but I liked Tera Nova so much I had to tell him. I was embarrassed because in my excitement I forgot his name but he was very forgiving.

    I work customer service for a living and I can pretty easily read folks voices, and his eyes in this case, and I was impressed. even though I stopped him in Publix he was gracious and happy to chat.

    Jason, Thanks for Tera Nova and for stopping.
    Sincerely, Ken Sexton

    • Susan

      Jason is a very sweet guy who really enjoys his fans!

      • Buggs56

        I have actually seen other actress’ and actors be rude to fans. I know they are human and can get tired of it and that fans can be rude as well. But, Jason was very personable and even nicely slipped his name in when I was just overwhelmed and forgot it.

        Thanks for a great show and for chatting.