November 15th, 2011 | Behind The Scenes, Related Project

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Behind the Scenes of Terra Nova: ‘Resistance’

The final behind the scenes of Terra Nova (for now) covers the season finale. Beware spoilers!

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Photo Gallery for ‘Occupation’ and ‘Resistance’

More photos than you can believe from the Season Finale of Terra Nova.

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A Few Photos from ‘Occupation’ and ‘Resistance’

Whet your whistle on these non-spoilery images from the 2-Part Terra Nova season finale!

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Behind the scenes of the newest Terra Nova episode, “Proof.”

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Photos from “Proof”

Who broke into the medical lab on the compound? Find out in “Proof.”

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Clips from “Nightfall”

Clips from the upcoming episode of Terra Nova, “Nightfall.”

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See Jason and company fight dinosaurs during the filming of “Bylaw” in this exclusive behind the scenes video.

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Photos from “Nightfall”

Photos from the upcoming episode of Terra Nova, “Nightfall.”

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“Bylaw” Photo Gallery

Photos from this week’s episode of Terra Nova, “Bylaw.”

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Terra Nova Jim Shannon

Jim Shannon Character Profile

Jason speaks about his Terra Nova character Jim Shannon.

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  • Stadjongenskoor20

    It was a great episode!! Love it!<3 You all did great!:D

  • Jason Blonar

    Great job on the episode, Jason.  I sincerely hope that the show gets renewed; it’s a great premise and has potential

  • Ljwalsh42

    Great episode again I’m so glad that the writers put some humor in it.And I know the show will get renewed.How could it not?

  • Rmtnred

    Your behind the scenes videos are great!  You are giving us such a unique and personal look at the filming process.  Thanks for sharing!
    Show is getting better every week.  I’m still loving the interaction between you and your “daughters”.  Naomi just lights up the screen when she’s on and Alana is such a cutie.  You have great chemistry with those two.

  • Andrew Planet

    00.19, Jason, thumb to ear region moving to and fro in sync,”Were you listening to me thinking?”