One for the Money Gallery

August 31st, 2009 | Related Project

One for the Money Is Out on DVD 5/15

If you didn’t catch “One for the Money” in theaters (or are just dying to see it again!), you’re in …

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‘One for the Money’ Clip: Strictly Professional

Morelli and Stephanie get ready for a sting operation in this clip from the film.

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Behind the Scenes of ‘One for the Money’

Jason joins Katherine Heigl and Debbie Reynolds on a behind the scenes tour of his new film!

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One for the Money Trailer

The first trailer for “One for the Money” which features Jason as Joe Morelli. Based on the best-selling book series.

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Official One for the Money Movie Poster

The first poster for Jason’s upcoming film “One for the Money.”

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One for the Money Gallery

See the first set of stills from Jason’s upcoming film “One for the Money.”

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  • Karen Scarborough Petzold

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Rmtnred

    Especially thanks for the “cupcake” picture, cute!  Been waiting a long time for one of my favorite books to become a movie!  The fact that my new favorite actor is in it is the icing on the cupcake lol.  I pity the poor friend who is with me when I see the trailer for the first time!

  • Susan

    Jason + Morelli = utter happiness!!

  • Mary

    Cannot wait to see the movie-huge fan of Janet E. Books!!!!

  • Jen Mooney

    That is the sexiest cupcake I have ever seen. Butter cream frosting?

  • Melanie

    Love it, cant wait for the movie

  • Dawn Volante Albers

    I only read the book after I heard Jason was going to be in it.  I really loved it.  I haven’t read the other books yet.  How do they compare are they as good?

    • Feismom2002

      The books just get better!  I can’t wait for #18!!!!

    • Camillarose68

      I have not laughed so much when reading a book  as I have done since One for the Money. Every book is brilliantly funny.

    • Wliialady

      Yes, the books are really good.  I always laugh a lot when I am reading them. 

  • Feismom2002

    After seeing Jason for the first time last night on Terra Nova, I can hardly wait to see him as Morelli!  Definetly a good fit!

  • Camillarose68

    am loving the books! Now on 3 days off and can’t put them down!!  Have just finished Hard Eight, off tomorrow to get more. So I have an evening on my own no Morelli or Ranger to keep me company oh well open that wine and get the pizza in!!!!!

  • Xenos

    Just saw OFTM…OMG!!!  Funniest movie I’ve seen in a long, LONG time!!!  Katherine was great as Stephanie, Ms. Reynolds was fantastic as Grandma Mazur, Sherri Shepherd ROCKED as Lula, and Jason…OMG!…Jason was freakin’ PERFECT as Joe Morelli!!!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Jason, for your wonderful portrayal of one of my favorite literary characters ever.  Looking forward to “Two For The Dough”!

  • Junknstuff

    Jason for Joe Morelli????? are you people crazy.  He doesn’t even look Italian.  He is Irish afterall.  He looks Irish.  Forget the movies.