Terra Nova

September 19th, 2011 | Projects

In the year 2149, Earth is a dying planet. It is overdeveloped and overcrowded, and most of the plants and animals are extinct. But there is hope. And it lies 85 million years in the past. A bold experiment sends colonists back in time in hopes of finding a way to save the human race from itself. One man and his family join the quest, but they soon find out that everything in the past is not what it seems.

Jason O’Mara plays Jim Shannon, a devoted father with a checkered past, who risks everything to bring his family to Terra Nova. Now he must guide them in their new life in a strange, new world with limitless beauty, mystery and terror – all the while trying to mend the sins of the past – and future. The series also stars Stephen Lang, Shelley Conn, and Landon Liboiron.

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  • Darell

    I’m very interested in the new series Terra Nova and wish it much success and a long run.

  • Priyam Duttroy

    Dear Jason,

    This is Priyam and I’m contacting you on behalf of STAR World India. Terranova is launching in India on the 8th of October 2011, very few days after the official launch in the US.  With regard to the same I was wondering whether it will be possible for you to do an e-mail interaction with some of the leading Print media in India. This would really help us to leverage Terranova and get great PR in India.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks in advance.

    Warm regards,
    Priyam Duttroy

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1143322267 Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    We all hope you get to play Jim Shannon for a long time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dawn-Volante-Albers/781552291 Dawn Volante Albers

    I definitely agree Jodi.  

  • Susan

    I agree too!
    Geez Jason–have you ever had a 2nd season????

    • Rmtnred

      Susan he was in the 2nd season of “The Agency’! LOL

      I think this show is going to have many seasons.  Good for Jason and good for all of his fans!

      • Susan

        But I would like him to be in the 1st & 2nd & 3rd etc!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dawn-Volante-Albers/781552291 Dawn Volante Albers

          I really think Terra Nova has a great chance of going several seasons.  Everyone is talking about it.  

  • N Thorson

    Really a good show but the background music occasionally drowns out the dialog … especially during high tension scenes… . At least that is
    my only criticism of the 2 hour premier. . , . . . .

  • Buffy

    My family looks forward to Monday nights to watch Terra Nova.  It would be a crime if there isnt a second season!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MichaelJDance Michael Dance

    i love this program cant it be on every week until the end i miss it :( you and everyone made my day after a hard days work please bring it back jason mate. x

  • AJ

    I just finished (ahem… ‘marathoned’) Terra Nova tonight… it’s another Firefly. Such a great show, great actors, great story – thrown out like trash. Thanks, Fox, for showing us once again how much you suck.

    Jason, I know you’re pushing for a Terra Nova movie. Any news on that front? Any ideas on how to make it happen? You have the support of over 10 million people. ^_^

    Another season is preferable of course, but sadly, i don’t see that happening. :(

  • terranovaloverd

    is there comming a season 2 please say yes becouse i love terra nova its my favorite show !!!!!!!

  • Charlotte W

    Please please please can we have a second series of Terra Nova in the UK!

  • Joanne F

    You were awesome on Terra Nova. I LOVED that show! Please can you bring it back? Please, please, please, please?!

  • Chelle

    i just watched this on sky anytime it was amazing i cant believe theres no more :( n im slightly in love with jim shannon i wont lie lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/maggyirene Margaret Irene Addiss

    My Family Loves Terra Nova and we are heartbroken that Fox has canceled it after season one! Just like they cancled “Firefly”.
    Now what will we all watch that is as captivating as Terra Nova?

    • Me

      This post makes me so sad, it so true. What are they going to cancel next??

  • Martin

    I love terra nova and I want back the second season

  • Cubing

    I’m a german fan and I only can say: The first season Terra Nova is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It gives so many stories and in most of them the end is missing. What’s about Lukas? What’s about shipfigure? What’s about the sixer? And so on….
    How can we help that it will gives a Second season?
    (Sorry, for my English)

  • Oceane

    Hello I’m french but I love Terra Nova and I would like a second season. Whit my friend we love Terra nova

  • Oceane

    Mark and Maddy in Terra nova are beautiful and Jim shannon is an hero for me

  • Jobobo

    Please, please come convince the studio guys to make Terra Nova season 2! Or a movie! Please!!!!!!!!! :3

  • j

    Please get terra nova back, your my role model

  • kjopjpo

    Bring Terra Nova back!!!

  • Hallel

    I liked every bit of this show. It’s become my favorite! It gives me a different prospective about how we should appreciate the world we live in and how we are supposed to take care of others. Jim shannon is a hero for me and he and his family are my inspiration.

    Mr. O’mara, you have the power to bring the show back on TV. Please do anything you can to bring us more episodes and give us all something new to believe in it and learn from.

    (*Other then that, I’m eager to know what happened to end up with Shannon’s family and how they and colony survived the extinction of Hope works Plaza, what else is bad lands, Is Mark really going to marry Maddy, did Josh give Skye a place in his life as he gave Cara, and how Jim continued to function along with Commander Taylor, etc…
    I can not wait to know the rest and it’s eating me up inside …)

  • Sandun

    Please we wan’t terranova season 2 plz plz plz

  • primevalREX

    Hi Jason,
    I’m 15 and I’m French. I very love Terra Nova !! I’m an
    absolute fan !!! Thanks for all these videos !!
    PS : I really really really wanna watch a season two :D

  • Regina Sandes

    Hi Jason
    I´m Regina – city São Paulo Brasil. I love you I love Terra Nova !!
    watch the chapters every day and want to root for it to happen the second, third and fouth etc… season
    you´re adorable on tv big hug !!

  • aj marzano

    omg jason your work in terra nova and in the two episodes of greys anatomy was awesome. i have actually been searching for terra nova memorabilia like hats and stuff like that. if you can point me in the direction of a website that sells that kind of stuff that’d be awesome