One for the Money

January 21st, 2012 | Projects

Katherine Heigl brings Stephanie Plum – the popular heroine of Janet Evanovich’s worldwide best-selling sixteen book mystery series – to vibrant life in the film version of “One for the Money.”

A proud, born-and-bred Jersey girl, Stephanie Plum’s got plenty of attitude even if she’s been out of work for the last six months and just lost her car to a debt collector. Desperate for some fast cash, Stephanie turns to her last resort: convincing her sleazy cousin to give her a job at his bail bonding company… as a recovery agent. True, she doesn’t even own a pair of handcuffs and her weapon of choice is pepper spray, but that doesn’t stop Stephanie from taking on Vinny’s biggest bail-jumper: former vice cop and murder suspect – yup, the same sexy, irresistible Joe Morelli who seduced and dumped her back in high school.

Jason plays Joe Morelli, Stephanie’s old fling currently on the run for a murder he claims he didn’t commit. But their shared (romantic) history gets in the way and it looks like Stephanie might get her man after all…

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One for the Money Is Out on DVD 5/15

If you didn’t catch “One for the Money” in theaters (or are just dying to see it again!), you’re in …

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‘One for the Money’ Clip: Strictly Professional

Morelli and Stephanie get ready for a sting operation in this clip from the film.

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Behind the Scenes of ‘One for the Money’

Jason joins Katherine Heigl and Debbie Reynolds on a behind the scenes tour of his new film!

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One for the Money Trailer

The first trailer for “One for the Money” which features Jason as Joe Morelli. Based on the best-selling book series.

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Official One for the Money Movie Poster

The first poster for Jason’s upcoming film “One for the Money.”

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One for the Money Gallery

See the first set of stills from Jason’s upcoming film “One for the Money.”

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    Hilarious trailer! A must see for me. And I really admire Katherine Heigl for choosing the right movies to make.

  • Rmtnred

    Any chance the cast of OFTM will make an appearance on “The View”?

  • Supaemeril

    Might we soon see some impromptu interviews with the cast of One for the Money??

  • Rmtnred

    Have to say I’m a little disappointed we have seen too few interviews with the “men” of OFTM.  I know it is KH’s movie, but as much as we fans love Stephanie we are “in love” with our OFTM guy of choice (I am definitely a Team Morrelli gal).  I for one look forward, in each book, to seeing how Joe and Ranger are going to get involved in Stephanie’s predicament.  I would have loved to hear the men talk about how they prepared to fill the shoes of those two characters.  

    • Dsal4mii

      I saw an interview with Daniel Sunjata and Jason on YouTube and I’m pretty sure Jason’s got it on here. It’s pretty fruitful. :D

  • Caledonia, MICH

    Hi Jason, just saw the movie tonight. A lot of fun. Well wishes to you and the entire cast.

  • Jason O’Mara

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Savannah

     I saw the movie… And it was great! I really hope that they come out with a second movie for the series. Everyone in the movie was perfect!

  • Franzi

    just saw the movie in a german cinema (yeah, we germans just produce shit, but thankfully we are able to buy good stuff from other countrys ;) ). The movie is GREAT, I love it, but the german dubbing, as always, is horrible (Terra Nova the same… *headdesk*)
    Will they film the others books too? I hope so, you’re a damn good Joe Morelli