Monarch of the Glen

January 1st, 2001 | Projects

Archie MacDonald is establishing himself as a hip young London restaurateur when he’s summoned back to the Scottish Highlands because of a family emergency. Suddenly, Archie inherits his family’s ancestral home and becomes the new Laird of Glenbogle, a huge – yet floundering – estate. Being the boss isn’t easy – especially when you’re surrounded by eccentrics – but Archie soon learns that home truly is where the heart is. The popular BBC series stars Alastair Mackenzie, Lorraine Pilkington, Susan Hampshire, Dawn Steele, and Lloyd Owen.

As Fergal Maclure, Jason O’Mara plays the dashing outsider who takes the job of Head Ranger at Glenbogle. His arrival shakes things up as he vies for position as top dog on the estate, and attracts the attention of seemingly every woman he meets, including Archie’s crush.

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  • Susan

    Loved this show–
    Grew to love all the characters–Archie and Hamish and the mom and dad were very funny! And Fergel—sigh

  • Lisa

    I definitely agree with that *sigh* about Fergel.Jason is so lovely in this show.I can’t believe that woman didn’t leave with Fergel.Crazy!