Life on Mars

September 20th, 2008 | Projects

New York City Detective Sam Tyler  is struck by a car in 2008 and wakes up in 1973. Suddenly, this very modern cop is part of a squad of detectives who do things a lot differently than Sam is used to. But is it a dream or reality? And can Sam solve the mystery of his own life, without causing his fellow officers to think he’s nuts?

Jason O’Mara plays Sam Tyler, a modern-day New York City Police detective who finds himself thrown back in time to 1973. Suddenly, he must do things the old fashion way, like solve crimes using only his wits and swing with life in the 1970s. All this, while trying to solve the biggest mystery he’s ever known: his own life.

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  • Heidi Hugo

    Love this show. Discovered it on Netflix and was deeply saddened that it wasn’t still on air. If Jason’s Terra Nova character is 1/2 as good as ‘Sam’, then this new O’Mara fan will be happy :)

  • Anonymous

    My absolute favorite show of all time!
    Hope that Terra Nova will be right up there too-

  • Sue Snyder Tait


  • Darell

    Words fail at how good this show was. Although it was a one-season candle in the wind it was a Can-Do candle that burned very bright indeed, imho.

  • Susan

    See the above picture?
    We were there!!!

  • Kadee

    This was such an incredible show that had the potential to go on and on. Nothing before or since has been as fantastic on television. 
    I would watch Jason eat cereal and be mesmerized, but this was a wonderfully written and crafted program that surpassed in quality every other thing on the tube.  What a sad shame no one decided to let it be a series!

  • Jennifer Jones

    Excellent watching, even if you have seen the BBC version… watch this on Netflix!

  • Lisa

    This is one of my all time favourite shows,especially as it’s where I first saw Jason.I really love Jason in this,he’s so cool,funny & gorgeous as Sam.Another show that definitely should have been renewed.Lots of fun to re-watch.

  • Kimberly Bryant

    Love this show! Caught up on all episode thanks to Netflix and insomnia.

  • Beth Baker

    love your work… whats up next?