Berkeley Square

September 17th, 1998 | Projects

Set during the turn of the century, “Berkeley Square” revolves around three nannies that work for wealthy families in a posh area of London. Hailing from very different backgrounds, the nannies become friends as they navigate love, work, and the unexpected twists and turns of living amongst the wealthy in Berkeley Square. The series stars Clare Wilkie, Victoria Smurfit, and Tabitha Wady.

Jason O’Mara plays Ned, the man who steals the heart of Matty Wickham, one of the nannies of “Berkeley Square” who works for the wealthy St. John family. The son of the St. Johns’s household cook, Ned is a simple, strong-willed man whose greatest weakness is Matty.

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In part 2, Jason answers your questions about “Berkeley Square.”

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Berkeley Square Part 2

Jason answers your questions about “Berkeley Square.”

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Berkeley Square Preview

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  • Susan

    This was another terrific series.
    The storyline of all the nannies and how they meshed together was very well done.
    Really, really wish we had some closure though–
    I’m going to hope that Ned came back from war for Mattie!!

  • Jennifer Jones

    The audio track on Berkeley Square interview #1 is either non-existent or out of synch depending on when I try to watch it…:(

    • Tech Team

      Jennifer, the audio is working here. This is likely an internet connection issue. Let us know if you’re stilling having problems.

  • Susan

    Jennifer–when it first started the volume button was on mute. Try clicking on it and see if that works–

  • Lisa

    I just love Jason as Ned in Berkeley Square,he is so sweet.This was a really wonderful show & such a shame it was cancelled.

  • Kimberley Baker

    Jason, I just finished watching all of the Berkeley Square series and a few of the other shows that I can find with you in them.  Ned Jones was an awesome charactor for you.  This seems like a good series  for London Tv.  I think you are a great actor and I am looking forward to more work from you.  What are you working on now???  The one show I would like to see is the “In Justice” show do you know where I can watch it??   Do you like acting in the US or the UK?  Please let me know at my email is