January 25th, 2002 | Projects

“bash,” by Neil LaBute, is a collection of dark and brilliant one-act plays about evil in everyday life. “Medea Redux” is about a woman’s relationship with her junior high-school English teacher. In “Iphigenia in Orem,” an unassuming Utah businessman confesses to a terrible crime. And in “A Gaggle of Saints,” a young Mormon couple recounts a terrifying weekend in New York City.

Jason O’Mara played John in “A Gaggle of Saints,” part of Neil LaBute’s trio of one-act plays that make up “bash.” Jason was nominated for an Irish Theater Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of John, a seemingly kind and religious young man who hides a very dark side.

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Bash Cast Photos

Photos from the play Bash starring Jason O’Mara.

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  • Hayesl

    I just recently noticed Jason O’Mara in Life on Mars U.S.  He is a lovely man and in the part as Sam Tyler, he acts kind, and brave and highly moral.  He’s easy on the eyes, too!

  • Mackenjulie

    Jason O’mara is just great I watched him in life on mars, so sad it did’t continue. I loved it because it took place the year I was born 1973 . I love him in terra nova can’t wait till next season. Now the movie, one for the money, I got to see it. I just figured out he’s Irish omg I’m even more a fan.