Photos from the ‘One for the Money’ Premiere

January 27th, 2012 | Press


  • Alisa S

    [Snobby tone of voice] “I am soooo dreamy! Yes I am!”

  • Quete

    Just saw one for the money and really liked it. Hope there will be sequels!

  • Camdustjay579

    Just came back from seeing One For the Money.  Loved it.  Loved you in it.  I hope they do more movies from the books and you are in them.

  • Susan

    Any chance that you did some behind the scenes filming during the filming of the movie?
    I know that you filmed this before Terra Nova started–

  • holly wilson

    #CUPCAKES BABY! @jason_omara:twitter 

  • Susan

    You should so go home for the Irish Premiere!