Jason Talks to E! News About Terra Nova

October 14th, 2011 | Press

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  • Primulablue

    Exploring the theme of man’s moral failures is compelling. And Terra Nova has been getting better every episode. Good job, Jason and all!

  • Susan

    You are intrigued by time travel Jason?
    I am shocked!!   LOL

  • Blue Sky

    If mankind gets to start anew on a new planet or in the past like in the show, I do think that it’s quite inevitable that we make pretty much most of the mistakes we did the first time. Greed and selfishness are present in every one of us. Aggression is a natural part of our psyche cause it is needed for survival. Too bad it easily overrides our other instincts to co-operate very easily. We are an aggressive species. We can be nice too, but the truth is that the world is still ruled by those who have the best guns. Anyway, Terra Nova is scifi and shouldn’t feel too real. It’d get too depressive. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanneao Joanne Ackles Ortiz

    Blue Sky has pretty much cover what I wanted to express, but I would add, that is a breath of fresh air to see a show that more than focusing on Pre-historic earth that they are literally focusing on family values, today’s shows lack those moral values, too much violence, sex and greed on most of today’s tv shows, am glad that the writers and producers of the show are centered around the life of The Shannon family and their ways of coping in a whole new world….NICE interview Jason…I see what you meant by coming over here for more info on you :)   Hugs!

  • Tia Furst

    i have a question do you have skype Jason