More New Previews for “What Remains”

October 10th, 2011 | Media

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    New Previews for “What Remains”


  • Becky Earl

    Ooohh! A twist!  Looking forward to seeing the whole episode!

  • Susan

    Really enjoyed how much it killed Jim to have Elizabeth remember Malcolm and not him.
    Also-how Jim “saved” her!!

  • Blue Sky

    I’m really blown away by the setting of this show so I really, really wish this works and gets viewers. I liked this episode, but I have to be honest that this story felt like a Stargate episode than Lost to me. Lost had this sense of reality in it. However, I didn’t like Lost’s ending that much, should’ve been more scifi too. I guess I wish that this show could have a more ongoing stories than just one episode long stories that get solved in no time and like there’s always a deus ex machina in every episode. Anyway, I love this show. I pray to an imaginary scifi god to guide the writers etc who make this show. :-)