The O’Mara Revolution: A Complete – And Mostly True – History

August 10th, 2011 | Jason Nation
Patti by

Jason and I go way back. We met in college when I was just a plain, yet spirited young lass, longing to get away from my boring Irish town. From the first moment I laid eyes on Jason, I was smitten. But unfortunately, I was a bit chubby and unattractive, and my two best friends were quite pretty. I figured I didn’t stand a chance, but I hypnotized him with my witty banter and unrelenting sass. And eventually we had a sweet and tender romance that I still think about to this very day.

Or maybe that was Minnie Driver and Chris O’Donnell in “Circle Of Friends.”

I am easily confused.

Let me try to focus…

Ok. I think I’ve got it now.

Jason and I go not-so-way back. We met on his Facebook fan page back in May of this year, when I told him that I was starting an “O’Mara Revolution.”

Basically what happened is this: During a road-trip with my friend Anne, after having already covered topics such as how much our husband’s annoy us, how much other drivers annoy us, and how much the stupid restaurants that have Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke annoy us, we moved on to the topic of “What famous person do you want to make out with?” My friend said Curtis Stone (cute, good accent, cooks like a mo-fo), and I said Jason O’Mara (cuter, gooder accent, I don’t really give a crap if he cooks or not cuz we can get take-out).

“Who’s Jason O’Mara?”

Yep. That’s what she said. I was all “Woah! You don’t know who he is? You are living a sad, pathetic life my friend. Sad and pathetic.”

So when I got home I googled him so I could send her a photo, and I ended up writing a blog in which I told the story of her shocking revelation. And during the google process, I saw that he had a Facebook fan page, which I went and liked faster than you can say “Curtis Stone can totally suck it.” And then when I noticed that I had more Facebook friends than he did, I was all shocked, confused, and disoriented. I am a completely inappropriate idiot who blogs about completely inappropriate and idioty things, and who uses words like “idioty” that aren’t even real words cuz I’m much too stupid to think of real words….And Jason is, well, Jason.

Then I posted on his page that I was starting an O’Mara Revolution. And I wrote a blog about it, and I got him a bunch of new Facebook fans. Albeit crazy, weirdo, nutty fans of mine, but fans nonetheless. And I found out he’s a super-nice guy.

So I kept on pimping him out on my blog, and he kept being completely awesome and playing along. Even when I would totally tease and poke fun at him. Most celebrities would have never even taken the time to respond to a fan in the first place, but Jason just goes with the crazy flow and is a very patient and sweet guy. I mean, he must be to put up with all of my inappropriate shenanigans. But I’ve always kinda suspected that he was ever so slightly afraid of me. Because on my own blog, I am not nearly this appropriate. And not nearly this refined. And I think those 2 words mean kinda the same thing but I don’t care. I’m a grammar rebel. And a Karate expert. And a dolphin whisperer. Among other even awesomer things.

And just to prove to you guys that this world just doesn’t make sense, and that Jason is a nice guy, or a possibly insane one… I was asked to write a monthly blog on this fancy schmancy new website. Which was really un-expected and confusing news for me. Because my blog? Not really appropriate for a big time celebrity dude’s website. But after I got over the shock, I said I’d totally do it. Just as long as Jason would agree to carry me around in a giant Baby Bjorn so I could observe the day-to-day goings on of his life, and get more material to eloquently and appropriately write about. All whilst wearing a beer can helmet so that I could stay hydrated in the cruel Australian sun.

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  • Beverlygreig

    So excited to read this!  Great job Patti!  Jason is a awesome guy to put up with you!

  • Susan

    LMAO Patti!!!
    I am sure Jason and Kathleen were just a tiny bit afraid of what this blog was going to look like!
    And don’t forget the crazy people who were there already!    :)
    Gotta believe that Jason goes to bed shaking his head some nights–

  • Anonymous

    Vive la Révolution!

  • Ann Cognito

    May I suggest that Jason get you Custom giant Roddler and forgo the giant Baby Bjorn. They are way more awesomer and you wouldn’t have to worry about squished boobs. Just a thought. You’re soo worth it. He has to know that. And. He wouldn’t hit his chin on your helmet. That’s gonna be a problem.

  • Jimbolin

    Poor Jason. He didn’t know what kind of scourge he was inviting into his life. Think Ebola virus on steroids, that kind of bad. I wish he would call me and talk about his decision, I really think I could talk some sense into him.

    • Patti Ford

      Please ignore Jim Bolin. He is my realtor. He secretly loves me and tries to mask it with sass. Yo Jim! Not working.

  • Trish Gainer

    oh, oh wow. I <3 this man even more now for having you on here! And for running his own facebook fanpage.  Truly a down-to-earth guy.  I loved Life on Mars and cannot wait for Terra Nova to start!

  • Liam

    Jason, Congrats on Terra Nova – Great Job! Up the Dubs!

  • Blue Sky

    Wow, what a story. :-) I don’t know why but I like Ireland and Irish people a lot. Especially lately. And loved Terra Nova. I’m Finnish.

  • Claudia

    Hes amazing<3