Jason O’Mara, An Actor Worth Following

September 2nd, 2011 | Jason Nation

The new website is fabulous! Jason is an extraordinary soul who is talented, humble, and, without a doubt, an actor worth following.

In 2002 my daughter was two– I had reduced my hours as a database designer to spend time with her. I loved my daughter but I needed a technical challenge to stay sane, so I selected web design. Problem with that is you need a topic and I didn’t have one. Fortunately for me, “The Agency” Season 2 was about to air.

A huge fan of “The Agency” (Season 1), I was thrilled at its return. I wasn’t so thrilled that Gil Bellow’s character, Matt Callan, was “out” and a new character, A.B. Stiles, was “in”! Awaiting the catastrophe, I reluctantly watched the Season 2 opener. I intended to give this new character (and actor) one chance – I had no doubt that I wouldn’t watch the show again. I was oh so wrong! I was hooked as a lifetime fan within the first 30 seconds. I loved the new character and I would later find that the new actor was an amazing person.

The next day, I googled “Jason O’Mara” – there wasn’t much information and no site consolidated the information. I had my topic. After publishing, I decided to write Jason a letter inviting him to view the site. I sent it in care of the network – not really expecting it to reach him – definitely not expecting to get a reply!

Jason was the sweetest, most humble (which I wasn’t expecting from a Hollywood actor) person. He was very appreciative of the support. Eventually, he offered to do a Q&A – I was thrilled. The opportunity to interact with Jason in this small way was extraordinary. Unfortunately, life got in the way of fun – I turned my domain and site over to Shellen. A tough decision made easier because I knew Shellen was a great person and was committed to presenting a positive, informative space dedicated to Jason.

Doing the site for Jason was the coolest thing I’ve done technically. I appreciate more than he can imagine his kindness, respect, and humor. I wish I had the words to express what a genuinely nice guy he is – but, honestly, the fact that Jason would include Shellen and I in his new web adventure says more about his character and soul than any words I could write.

I want to thank Jason for always being kind and for giving me the opportunity to remember all of the fun.

I wish Jason and his family the best possible future. And, it my sincerest hope that “Terra Nova” becomes a mega hit that provides Jason with every positive “super star” benefit of his work. (OK – the last part is a bit selfish – I love a great Sci-Fi and Jason being a “super star” means more great shows!)

Post by Janet

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DPLC5HXF6FPVI6SU6NZAEBMZDY Jodi

    I so agree that Jason is a really nice person, who happens to be an extraordinary actor. I know that I am thrilled to be interacting with him online and look forward to it!

  • Susan

    Loved your site Janet–
    I am telling you–when Jasonomara.com and Jasonomara.net both disappeared-I was lost!
    So glad to have a site back–but you were first and that’s special!

  • http://twitter.com/jason_omara Jason O’Mara

    Thanks for kicking it all off, Janet. You did a great job.

  • Anonymous

    @Jason – Hey Jason! I’ve been off the computer for a while…
    It was awesome to come back and see my post added. Thank You! And, THANK YOU for acknowledging the site I did years ago and Thank You for communicating so wonderfully with your fans – It is a tremendous fun. :o ) You once wrote me “may the sun shine warm upon your face, may the road rise gently to your pace”. I’ve always liked that … I wish the same for you.

    @Susan & @ Jodi – Thank You for your comments. I really did enjoy doing the site so much. And, it is great that through his new site everyone is finding out just how nice and funny Jason is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanneao Joanne Ackles Ortiz

    I think this is the nicest thing anyone can do for another being. It’s sites like these give fans and Actors an opportunity to connect and interact safely without any bashing whatsoever. Wished other Actors would do this what he does, getting to know his fan base. I want to Thank You ladies for all your hard work to put this page together for us fans…I’ve only recently have become acquainted with Jason.  I’m shocked that he takes time from his busy life to answer questions from fans, definitely a very unique, sweet, lovable guy! One, I hope that someday I’ll have the privilege of meeting in person :)   So to the admins of this page and to Jason…Thank You for all that you do for US fans! Hugs from Puerto Rico! 

  • http://www.sciencepantheism.com Andrew Planet

    In the Terranova scene in episode 9, when you and your doctor wife are first looking at the exhumed body you made a hand to head gesture and thought,”let me know what I’m thinking”  Almost at the end, in the scene when you are cleared of treason in front of the rest, I think it was your future son in law or someone, made another clearly visible hand to head gesture and thought,”i don’t know if you can hear me.”

    0035054021109  Can do over phone if you tap too

  • Deborah

    I just watched a rerun of the “The Closer” and once more, Jason O’Mara scared the heck out of me!  I cannot believe how good he was at being sooooo bad!  I love his work, and appreciate all the parts he has played that I have seen, but I actually had a nightmare with him as the killer in the dream……  definitely scary enough that I wondered ” is that the real Jason?”   Great job when you can accomplish a fear factor in a  fan!  Deborah

  • Eljuza

    Thank you for this website.  I was checking the actors in One for the Money.  Now I know who Jason is.

  • May

    So excited to see the premiere of Vegas!!! You have been one of my favorite actors…loved you on life on Mars, the Agency and especially Terra Nova…AND, it just so happens that your wife is one of my favorite actresses!!! Much success and love to both of you :D