How Jason and a TV Show Changed My Life

July 15th, 2011 | Jason Nation

Like all of you here, I am a fan of Jason O’Mara.

When I heard about the US version of Life on Mars I was so excited. Jason/time-travel-1973 NY—what’s not to love. Got onto the ABC LoM site and was having a blast talking theory with other fans about the show.

Then ABC cancelled Life on Mars-I am embarrassed to admit that the day I heard this I was so upset in work, people were asking me what was wrong. It wasn’t just that a show I absolutely loved was gone but that I would not have the “friends” I had been talking to for months.

Heard that a fan of the show had started his own site-which we fondly referred to as The 125. So off we went to our new home. We have so much fun there. And it turned into more than just a fan site—it became the place you went when you needed a laugh, when you needed comforting, when you needed advice.

So as the months went by someone said we should get together. Our first meeting place was Mars, PA. Loved the name—not sure what there was to do there. Then someone suggested—-NYC! Perfect! Now the real planning started-Date for the party—October 9th-the anniversary of the show’s premiere-check. Venue for a 70′s party-check. Hotels for a long weekend-check. Plans to find filming sites-check.

Off we all went to meet for the weekend. Coming from places all over the US. Met at hotels-then off to Tortilla Flats in the Village for dinner. Next day—walking tours where we found many sites used in the show. Saturday night-70’s party and Sunday-walk into Brooklyn to find the 125!

Even though my family was afraid that I would be murdered by the strange people I was going to meet that weekend it was like greeting old friends. No awkwardness, no gaps in conversation. These were people I knew! These were people I had laughed and cried with.

One of the best weekends of my life! I raved about it so much for months that the next year my husband came with me to our 2nd gathering. There is so much more to tell—but save that story for another time.

And that is how Fabal1, Leah77, Carlingsgrl, Leonessee56, Rocketgirl, HazyCosmicJive, Lillielue, Chrissilou, Hyde_35, Mary51122, DavidWhiteShoes, Irisheyes404, JakeBlue, SRS-LoM, Zagar, No Nuts Norris, BronxGirl, EpsilonProcess, CamberwickBlue, TV’sGrady,Sam Tyler, Cindy53 and Cindy became Leah, Jamie, Darell, Frank, Jen, Regina, Terri, Chris, Mary, David, Maureen, Ant, Yvonne, Joe, Sue, Larah, Jeff, Cindy, Cindy, Randy and Ian and became my friends forever. And Jason of course!

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  • ~ M ~

    That’s awesome, Susan! It’s amazing how something some people would consider as trivial as a television show can bring people together like that.

  • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    Great Article Susan. Now, Where can I get one of those shirts!!

  • Hyde_35 (AKA Darell P.)

    Susan, that was a well written example of how a television show can influence a person’s life in a positive way and go well beyond simply entertaining viewers. I met life-long friends and fell in love with NYC because of a choice to watch that show. That was some kind of butterfly effect for all of us, eh? What a show it was and what a cast, crew and group of producers and writers it had!

    Also, congratulations to Jason on his new site!

  • Sue Snyder Tait

    That’s it in a nutshell, and we’re still friends almost 3 years later! LoMians forever, LOL!


  • Frank B

    ts all true–I had to swear to Gary before the first NY party that we weren’t going to kill her–that was tough to guarantee since I didn’t know anyone either . But seriously, when everybody met for the first time, we were hugging like long lost relatives.

  • Mary

    You can truly make friends with people you have never met. And when you do meet them, they are real friends. I know this now. It was like attending a reunion, only we had never seen each other before.

    @Jodi — it was Susan who had those shirts made up :)


  • Jeff Webb

    Sue, thanks for the memories and for a weel written post capturing what we have done and learned to mean to each other over the last three years.

    • lillielue

      I could not of said it better myself Jeff

  • Susan B

    Thanks everyone!
    Had a blast writing this too!
    Sorry if I missed anyone–
    I know I missed Abbytaz and June–love you guys too!
    I hope I can write about the rest of our adventures on that weekend–
    And I am honored (truly Jason) to be part of this– <3

  • Aspiringwriter77

    It’s so true. Due to one show I made some great crazy friends. It’s been so much fun talking and then meeting everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Sue – that was really great and so true. I remember the first time I went on the 125 – it was like I knew all of you guys already – it just felt like home to me. Who knew 1 show would bring so may people together! I have had so much fun with you wacky and wonderful people. You guys rock! Maureen

  • Susan

    FYI–there is a part 2 to this weekend–
    Just in case you want to hear about it.
    It was a very “Windy” weekend

  • lillielue

    I was so happy to meet everyone and see everyone. They are all like relatives to me. We are all best friends and I trust each and every one of them. I met some really awesome people all because of a television show. The show changed my life for the better.

  • Susan

    We are heading off for our 3rd Life on Mars weekend!!!  Yea!

    • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

      I’m sorry I can’t make it this year. Maybe next year.

  • Susan

    I’ve got more stories!!!

  • Jacob Langlois

    Wow this is awesome me and my girlfriend are a huge fan of Jason ourselves, first discovered him in Terra nova what a great show, shouldn’t of been canceled then one day we were browsing Netflix and saw life on mars with Jason so we watched it and its even better!! Just finished episode 16, don’t wanna watch 17 yet :( so I guess it’s on to Injustice next lol, hopefully Vegas is more successful

  • Jacob Langlois

    So the site is called the 125 me and the girlfriend might have to join u guys :)