Preview for Jason’s New Show VEGAS

May 17th, 2012 | Press, Vegas


  • Red_Dragon

    Jason, glad to see you working again. It shows to your popularity and charisma.  You are my wife’s favorite actor, I think it’s crush. Don’t be afraid to speak normally in interviews. You did when you promoted Terra Nova on AOTS on G4. Michael Chiklis is back doing what he does best, playing the villain. Interesting 30 years ago, there was a a show called Vegas starring the late Robert Urich. I think he holds the record for most TV series, 29 over 29 years.  We wish you steady employment in this tough industry. This “Vegas” being a period piece, I suppose in a way, you are a time travelling cop, again.

  • Red_Dragon

    A video window formatting issue was blocking login. I had to directly log into DISQUS to get around it. It should be OK now.  However, I suggest entering a comment yourself on the next video posted until the issue is resolved.  Apparently, once the first comment is entered the problem goes away.  This is probably why I am the first one posting.

  • Mr_mrsburns

    Became a fan when I read all the books by Janet Evanovich and saw the movie. Hope you play Morelli again soon. But this show looks very good, I can’t wait to watch!

  • Richard Ward

    Jason, the new show looks amazing! So glad it got picked up for the Fall season. With you and Dennis Quaid running the show, it will succeed for sure! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Lucy

    Hey Jason, Just wanted to let you know that you have a new family of fans from Pittsburgh.  My son and husband were big Terra Nova fans and we just watched One for the Money last night and loved it.  We live near where you filmed some of the movie, so it was cool to see places I drive by every day. You did a great job with Morelli. Exactly as I pictured him when I read the book.  Good luck with Vegas and come back to Pittsburgh and film some more!

  • Sandra Daily

    Show looks good…do not like the ” cowboy ” hair do

    • Susan

      I agree Sandra–
      Don’t part your hair Jason-

  • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    Jason, as far as I’m concerned you can part your hair sideways – crossways – upways – downways -backways – forward-ways (is that a word??)..You look hot either way :)

  • San

    I´m sorry, I can´t see the trailer of de scenes to the new show “Vegas” in my country for the moment, so I can´t say my opinion about. Bye. Sandra

  • Heather Fuller

    Well, I just saw the preview for Vagas and thought “Naw, that wasn’t Jason…was it?” SO, seeing the answer was “Yah Huh, it was him!” That must mean no hope for Terra Nova then =( Ratz! Well, Hope you take your shirt off as often in Vegas as you did in Terra Nova! lol

  • Andrea Boyde

    This looks fantastic. Can’t wait to get it in New Zealand. So that will be about a year away.