Jason Talks ‘One for the Money’ with Extra!

January 24th, 2012 | Press

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  • Anonymous

    Fun! Great interview … Love you in a black shirt :o ) Can’t wait to see the movie – I’m taking a friend on Sunday to see it (can’t see it Friday because of my daughter’s birthday party).

  • http://www.sciencepantheism.com Andrew Planet

    00.17 Lady with the dark hair on right of screen, behind Jason’s shoulder, hand to head swipe,”Tell me my mind.”

    00.19 Lady to the right of screen, behind the guy with the spectacles, hand to head plus eye to facial muscle moment,”Hey mind reader, I know you hear.”

    00.55 Blonde lady on the left with glasses on her head, hand to eyebrow”Were you reading my head?”

    00.55 Simultaneously as in latter, Lady at 00.17 hand to head,”they tell me that you hear them.”

    00.58 Guy to the left at the back, back turned, hand tapping head in sync,”What are you reading right inside this head of mine?”

    01.26 Young guy with dark hair in middle of Jason and presenter, slightly thrusting head bobbing from body with eye blink,”I know you mind read.”

    01.28, lady in front of 01.26, touching her nose with her hand in sync,”Please tell me what my nose has been saying.”

    0202 Lady from 00.55, hand to face,”what was it my nose said?”

    02.27 Lady in the middle of Jason and presenter, hand to head swiping,” How aware are you that you mind read?” She’d said this in preparation to herself before repeating with hand movement. You can see her head bobbing up and down slightly repeating to herself what she plans to say.

    02.35 Lady to the left of Jason’s shoulder, hand to head hand twisting in sync,”I don’t want you to read my mind, it might be secret.” I take it that this is a test, especially because of her later action. I can only read what you tell me.

    02.36 Young lady in the very center of screen, turning around,”now I turn around,” 02.40 hand to ear,”i know you hear my mind Mr Planet,” hand to face,”I don’t know if you are a mind reader.” Prior to this, 02.32 , head bobbing up and down with eye blinking,”Let’s see with your might what you can tell my mind.”

    02.55 Older lady with short hair on the central left hand side screen at the back of crowd, hand to forehead,”does my head get read?”

    03.12 Lady from 02.35, Hand to head,”What was it I was reading, my mind being read?”03.18,”I don’t know that you mind read, it might be a lie.”

    03.27 Lady to the right of Jason, behing the person with the pink sweater, eyeblinking,”Is it true, is it real?” 03.35 head nodding forward slightly ”I’m saying its not real,” head turning to her right,”It might be real.”

    03.47 Lady in the middle, hand to head,”Are you aware of what I’m saying in my mind inside me?”03.49, with her eyes,”I know you can mind read.”

    04.02 Lady on the left, hand to head,”how aware are we?”

    I’ve omitted the readings from the lady presenter cause I’ was not sure whether she was brushing her hair back cause of the breeze or not but the rest were quite obvious. Even though you make no discernible gestures, cause you have done so in the past so i thought you might like these