Fan Q&A

Jason answers your questions in this special fan Q&A!

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Jack & Mia – Exclusive

Jason gives you an exclusive look into Jack and Mia’s future!

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Jack’s Rack

Jason lets you peek at Jack’s rack in the wardrobe department of Vegas! Do you think you’ll be able to …

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Tour: Vegas Wardrobe Department

The Vegas set is buzzing with activity in preparation for the final few episodes. Take a look through this gallery …

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Vegas “Roadtrip” Preview!

In next weeks episode, Jack is in dire trouble when he’s blindsided by daddy Rizzo. Make sure to tune in …

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Set in 1960′s Las Vegas, this breakthrough CBS drama thrills as cowboys fight mobsters. Starring Dennis Quaid as sherrif Ralph …

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Vegas “From This Day Forward” Preview!

  Jack’s romance with Mia unfolds, Ralph’s old flame comes to town and Savino confronts a snitch in the casino! Tune …

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Vegas “Paiutes” Preview!

While sheriff Ralph Lamb is kidnapped, Katherine and Savino’s wife enter into a partnership. This thrilling episode is scheduled to …

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Vegas “Estinto” Preview!

When the biggest contractor in Vegas is murdered, Ralph and Jack look to the mob for answers. Tune into Vegas …

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Vegas “Masquerade” Preview

A young showgirl is murdered and the Lambs investigate to find the perpetrator. The casino continues to add drama and …

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