Jason Answers Fan Questions in Live Chat

Jason answers questions from fans in this live chat about Vegas, his cowboy hat, acting and more!

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Photos from the CBS Upfronts

Jason poses with the cast of his new show “Vegas.”

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Impromptu Interview #17: Joseph Hodges

Terra Nova Production Designer & Second Unit Director Joseph Hodges get the Impromptu Interview treatment.

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Journey to Terra Nova with Paige and Jason

Jason and Paige take a trip on the Terra Nova bus!

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Impromptu Interview #16: Rene Echevarria

Jason interviews writer and Executive Producer Rene Echevarria.

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‘Occupation/Resistance’ Featurette

Jason and crew talk about what’s in store for the season finale of Terra Nova.

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2 Clips from ‘Within’

What’s in store for Terra Nova? See these new clips from the upcoming episode ‘Within.’

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2 Clips from ‘Within’

Is Skye in over her head? Find out when you watch ‘Within.’

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‘Within’ Featurette

Director Karen Gaviola talks about the upcoming episode of Terra Nova.

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Rainstorm on the Set of Terra Nova

Sometimes Australia is beautiful. Sometimes it’s not.

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