Patricia Hawkins

Submitted by: Patricia H.


  • Pam Craven

    I submitted this screenshot 4 days before Patricia H. did. I put the link in my screenshot and posted in the comments just as I was supposed to. I created this screenshot from a YouTube video trailer of One for the Money back in December for another contest and it really bothers me because it took a lot to get that screenshot perfect. Simply because she shared it on your FB wall that you would give her credit for it. Go check your blog comments and you will see that you have made a mistake and that I posted it days before she did. I’m hurt and feel slighted.

  • Polly


  • Patricia Hawkins

    It will not let me go back that far but I posted this pic the first day of the contest and 3 weeks later was told to post to this website as well. I was already entered in the contest on Oct. 1 and was announced early on, on facebook! Thanks