Rugby World Cup: Ireland vs. Australia

October 24th, 2011 | Blog

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  • Ellen

    Can I just say that, with all the photos and personal videos, you are without a doubt the best celebrity tweeter out there! I’m going to post this on Twitter, too, but my Twitter account doesn’t always work and I wanted to make sure you got this! :o ) I’m glad your team won! And I loved the b/g music you put with the vid! I was born and raised in Nova Scotia and, although that translates to ‘New Scotland’, there were TONS of Irish pubs in Halifax (my hometown) so I absolutely ADORE Irish/Celtic music!! It was even played at the dance clubs. So, I can honestly say, they are the best songs to dance to. EVER! Yay for Ireland! :o ) ~Ellen

    • Jason O’Mara

      Thanks Ellen. I’ve been to Halifax, it’s a great town! 

      • Ellen

        Glad you liked it there! It’s funny, when I was growing up, I never really considered Halifax to be ‘small’… then I moved to Vancouver (BC). LoL Still a proud Haligonian, though! :o

        When you were in Halifax, did you get a chance to try the deep fried ice cream at Mexicali Rosas? That’s one dish I truly miss from home – that and the lobster! Oh, and meat egg rolls! Can’t find those anywhere east of the Maritimes! :o ( LoL Weird how much memory (at least mine) centres around food! :o )

        Anyway, have a great day! Thanks for taking the time to reply and retweet – now I know my Twitter works! LoL ~Ellen

        • Jason O’Mara

          Yes, it works! I remember good food in Halifax too…

  • April Hubbel

    That looks like me after a Kansas Jayhawk basketball victory, except I’m much more animated. :)

    • Jason O’Mara

      I took some of the really crazy stuff out! You probably would have thought it was a little too intense!

      • April Hubbel

        There is no “too intense” when it comes to cheering for your favorite sports teams.  Trust me.

  • Judy S.

    Hey man do you do your own editing on your videos? what kind of camera do you use?

    • Jason O’Mara

      I edit most of them myself, including this one. I use a flip and sometimes a bloggie….

  • blake

    Ha thats awesome. Cool song to go with it too.

    • Jason O’Mara

      It’s a cover of the Irish folk song ‘The Fields of Athenry’. Doesn’t usually sound like that!

  • Helene M

    Hahaha! You’re a true fan Jason!

    • Jason O’Mara

      I am a fan of Ireland when they play, yes.

  • Simi

    Awesome!!!what do u mean Really crazy stuff!!?? That was pretty intense!!!lol….Simi

    • Jason O’Mara

      I know. Not very cool…

  • Susan

    Guess that even celebrities have to sit in the nose bleed section sometimes!!  
    Was that the Pogues?

    • Jason O’Mara

      Dropkick Murphys. Just waiting for the cease and desist letter!

  • Joanne Ackles Ortiz

    *coughs* well, I can see you take Soccer serious?? lol….You’re DEFINITELY A TRUE SPORT FAN!! hahaha…am like that when my PHILADELPHIA EAGLES win :)

    • Jason O’Mara

      This rugby, the sport I grew up playing. And it’s Ireland playing, the country I grew up in. We are a nation of 4 million and rugby is only the 5th most popular sport. So when the Irish Rugby Team beat one of the big rugby nations, like Australia – it’s a big deal!!! For me, anyway.

  • Blue Sky

    It’s like when my country won the hockey world championship for the second time in history. You just go crazy. :) Even those who don’t watch sports that much.

  • Laura

    Rugby is a great sport, I`m from Argentina and my kids play it, we are crazy about it so I understand you .. I`d have love to be there when pumas played !!

  • Kate

    We’ll get you next time……

    You know there’s a tradition in Oz that you buy supporters of the losing team a beer if your team wins.  I’m sure the TN crew would be very appreciative of you showing respect for local customs.

  • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    We would have LOVED it if you had kept all the crazy stuff in the film. In fact, I think you should just play the original un-edited version..You’d be surprised by the response it would get from Jason Nation!

  • Rosieom

    It’s a pity you’re not here for the family outings to Leinster Jason. Liam, Johan and Shirin when she’s here. Needless to say they were all watching that match!


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  • Frances Aiasecca

    You are such a trooper Jason.  My Irish friend rub it in my face abit about the Aussie loss but it was a well deserved win.