‘Occupation/Resistance’ Featurette

December 19th, 2011 | Blog

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    A Few Photos from ‘Occupation’ and ‘Resistance’


  • Cynthia_DeMoss

    The finale was AMAZING!!! Hope there is a second season..already feel sad knowing that Monday night wont be the same :(

  • Susan

    Can I have some more Please????

  • Lori

    Hoping for another season – the finale was great! love all the characters, filming, writing, etc.

  • Lindsey

    Amazing finale!  Congrats Jason to you and all the actors and crew for a job well done, can’t wait for season 2.

  • Tia

    i would really love terra nova season 2 to come out that would be awesome

  • Eva

    The finale was amazing!! It kept me and my family on the edge of our seats. Really hoping for a second season (fingers crossed) 

  • Anonymous

    Jason; do you by any chance know if the actor, Brett Partridge, is in any of the episodes? (He played one of the main characters on the Australian Tv-series “Water Rats” back in the 90′s).

    I am asking because my husband and I was in Australia two months ago (honeymoon), and he was our guide on a trip to the Blue Mountains. He told us that he was going to audition for a small part in Terra Nova, and was practicing his American accent.

    We wondered, though, if you were still shooting episodes that late (November last year). We haven’t spotted him in any of the episodes, but maybe we just missed it.

  • Rmtnred

    Jason maybe you need to “Tebow” to get Fox to make that announcement for the second season of TN (or maybe we all do).  Need some kind of miracle to get them motivated!!!  Seems to work for the Denver Broncos so far!

    • Susan

      Amen Rmtnred!!