Introducting: Impromptu Interviews

July 27th, 2011 | Blog

Here’s a little something I dreamed up for the website called ‘Impromptu Interview’. For once, I get to ask the questions. As you might expect, they are thoughtful, provoking and um… well, thought-provoking.

However, they are the same stupid questions in every video! “You’re crazy!” I hear you cry. Well, no actually, I’m not. Because it’s not about the questions, it’s how they are answered that make it interesting. Crazy? Perhaps. But like a fox. Or some other wily creature. Like maybe a ferret…

No, really. I ask pretty much the same questions to everybody. Here they are:

Can you recommend a book?
Can you recommend a film?
What’s on your iPod?
If you weren’t a ______, what would you be?
(Bonus Question) You’ve worked with X. What’s X like in real life?

But the answers I get are wildly different, depending on the subject. Some are actually quite revealing.

Plus, I always like to have plenty of books to read, films to watch and music to listen to. I like recommendations from friends as I tend not to trust critics…

I interview people in showbiz. Actors, writers, directors. The people in the videos will usually be the people I am working with at that time.

Oh, and the last thing you need to know about ‘Impromptu Interview’? It’s just that. Impromptu. It happens out of the blue, suddenly and without warning and usually at a strange or inconvenient time.

A new one will be posted every week! Enjoy! Be sure to check by next Tuesday for the first interview.

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  • Fox Terra Nova

    We can’t wait!

  • Susan

    You had me at strange or inconvenient!!
    And really–you should have said sly like a koala!!

    • Jasono

      But Koalas aren’t sly. Or wily. They just sit and eat eucalyptus and when they run out, they turn vicious. Crazy like a koala could work… Or maybe if I spelled crazy with a ‘K’…

      • Susan

        We’re all crazy–
        Part of our charm!

  • Scott Parker

    Cool idea, Jason! This is gonna be fun :-)

  • Rmtnred

    Jason, speaking of book recommendations have you read a book called “Faithful Place” by Tana French (a writer from your homeland). Frank Mackey sure reads like a character you could channel and you wouldn’t have to come up with a new American accent!

    • Jasono

      Yes, I have as a matter of fact. It’s excellent and I did think that character would be interesting to play…

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, great idea!! I’m looking forward to seeing these – I imagine there’ll be a lot of nervous dispositions on the TN set though!

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like it’s going to be fun!! I’ll be looking forward to the first one.

  • FlynnColbert

    Okay – realize I maybe an idiot right now – but how do we give him our answers?

    • Susan

      No-Jason is going to “interview” people on the TN set.

      But I think it would be cool is he did interview us too!