Impromptu Interview #1: Stephen Lang

August 2nd, 2011 | Blog, Impromptu Interviews, Media

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    Ambushing Stephen Lang


  • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    This Man is Smooooooooooth! A blacksmith!

    • Susan

      I could see him doing that Jodi! lol

  • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    This Man is Smooooooooooth! A blacksmith!

  • Patti Ford

    Well I used to be afraid of him and call him Scary SLang. But now I kinda think I was crazy. And his book choice is way too smart for me. Who knew he was a gentle brainiac who liked Celtic music? Very informative interview Mr. O.

  • melanie

    love it

  • Anonymous

    He is one cool dude.

  • Susan

    Celtic music and Johnny Cash—
    The things you can learn about someone in an impromptu interview!

    These are going to be great.
    Maybe if you weren’t an actor Jason you would have been a reporter!

  • Fox Terra Nova

    Thanks!!! It’s great!

  • Rmtnred

    These are going to be interesting Maybe we will all get some new media recommendations. Jason hope we get to see an interview with Shelley. She seems to be the most quiet member of the Shannon clan.

  • Jen Mooney16

    I have to agree with Patti: I used to be a bit frightened of Slang, primarily as a result of “Last Exit to Brooklyn.” But he’s quite . . . lovely now. Quite lovely! Good interview. More, please!

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  • Anastasia

    Isn’t he the nicest guy I’ve ever met? Sure seems like it. I can picture him in the military (for all the obvious reasons). What a teddy bear! :)

    • Pam

      I used to have the biggest crush on Jason, but after watching Stephen Lang in Terra Nova, I’m now completely smitten.

  • Rivkah

    Can anyone give me a transcript of Stephen Lang’s interview? I am deaf and would like to know what he’s saying.  Thank you! 

    • Kate

      SL: Hello Jason 


      JOM: (chuckles) It’s me again, hello. could
      you recommend a book for me please.


      SL: (with a tone of pantomimed surprise) A
      book? Sure I can recommend a book for you. I would recommend, ah, let’s see,
      right now I think I would recommend “Colonel Roosevelt” ( sorry I’m
      not sure how to spell Roosevelt? Is it a V or an F?) by Edmund Morris which is
      the last instalment of his monumental biography of Theodore Roosevelt.


      JOM: thank you


      SL: A fine book.


      JOM: What about a movie?


      SL: I recommend “The Trap” with
      Oliver Reed. It’s from the 60s and it’s a film that nobody ever sees but he
      plays a French Canadian trapper called Jean Le Bec (I guessed that part) and
      its with Rita Touchingham (again this might be wrong).  It’s a really cool, cool film.


      JOM: I’ll look forward to that.  What music do you listen to at the moment?


      SL: At the moment I, well you know I always
      like to listen to Johnny Cash, always, I like the Highway Man.  I like Tom Petty.  I like um, I like, I like any kind of Celtic
      music as well, and I listen to whatever my daughter Gracie you know does a  mix for me and says “this is for you pops”.


      JOM: If you weren’t an actor and a writer
      what would you be?


      I think I would probably be either a blacksmith or ah, maybe in the


      JOM: And what’s James Cameron like in real person?


      Well, we, you know, he’s just, he’s just like a pussy cat. (Big
      Grin).  We get along really well because,
      you know, we work well because (long pause) Cameron is a sadist and I’m a
      masochist and vice versa.


      JOM: So it’s a perfect combination


      It works out great you know.


      JOM: Thank you Stephen.


      You bet.

    • Kate

      Never pass up the opportunity to make someone else’s day.  Here you go man. …

      • Rivkah

        Thank you, Kate! 

  • Rivkah

    Can anyone give me a transcript of Stephen Lang’s interview? I am deaf and would like to know what he’s saying.  Thank you! 

  • Lori Benton

    He likes Celtic music. Yes! BTW Jason, I love it that you ask everyone to recommend a book.