Impromptu Interview #7: Shelley Conn

September 14th, 2011 | Blog, Impromptu Interviews

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  • April Hubbel

    Wow, Shelley finally makes an appearance!  I love Broadcast News.  And Network.  Good choices.

  • Jodi

    Oh Shelly! Tell the story!

  • Susan

    You’re “family” is so cute!
    Nice interview–it’s interesting that no one has duplicated any answers-
    Spielberg next???

  • Alexis Leigh

    angus & julia stone is an awesome band! very worth giving it a try!

  • J.J.

    does Naomi have her own interview?? I want to see it!

  • Jen Mooney

    She and Naomi look so much like mother and daughter in this “scene” that it’s crazy. More so, I think, than on the show so far! (And they’re both so beautiful. Be good to them, Jason O’Mara!)

  • Joanne Ackles Ortiz

    Awww, I LOVE her description of Johnny Depp :)   made me giggle when I heard her say those things about Johnny cuz that’s exactly how I feel about him, He truly is a very charming, charismatic,sweet individual, Shelly and I have both one thing in common, Johnny Depp, yaayy! hehehe…and of course, YOU!  thanks for this clip Jason!

  • Andrew Planet

    01.38 Naomi, hand to head,”Have a mind read.

    ”01.46 Naomi hand to head plus movement of the head itself, first initial scratch on head,”  hi there,” followed by in sync,”how aware are you of what I’m saying inside me thinking?”

    01.58 Shelley,  initially moving her left hand in mid air beckoning,”Hey Andrew, hi there,” then hand stroking the back of her head,” How aware are you?”

    02.59   Naomi and from what she said I infer she must know of what I beleive and think. Basically that women have evolved to smell great for men all the time, not as many a misogynous culture would depict them.Hand stroking nose in sync,”Do I smell a little strange or something, please tell me what I was saying.” hand stroking cheek,”  what was it I was saying inside me?” Hand to nose again repeating,”do I smell a little strange or something?” hand to head,”how do you tell?.”

    Thanx again Jason.  Having viewed the videos the you posted on FB  I thought I’d have a look at the other videos you offer.  This is my first pick, i still have not had a a single look at the others.  Wow, what a lucky find!  I’ve only been aware of my ability for the past seven years or so, ever since I started work at the supermarket store where I’m currently employed and entirely thanks to the efforts of the senior managers there.  I have not known who I am for most of my life and i now know that i suffer from a very bad case of amnesia.  The movie, The Trueman Show, is a very good complete analogy of my life even though that analogy might be coincidential, i don’t know.  Where I live is very, very much like that, the general population tries to turn my mind around and make me beleive I’m no one, ultimately for their own profit.

    Cheers , hoping to get out of the door in that final scene and close down the show!  Its been hell all the time.