Impromptu Interview #6: Naomi Scott

September 7th, 2011 | Blog, Impromptu Interviews

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  • Hélène M.

    She’s so adorable!

    • Jason O’Mara

      Tres jolie.

      • Hélène M.

        Aussi! :)

  • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    Naomi is really cute…Is she bubbly all the time?

    • Jason O’Mara

      Pretty much! But she’s also sensitive and caring. We both pull the silliest faces we can, to crack each other up!

      • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

        Who usually wins??

  • Susan

    She is delightful! She must make you laugh all the time. I hope when the TN dvd comes out–they have lots of outtakes.

  • Susan

    Jason–have you noticed that the women you interviewed had quick answers and the guys had to think about it?
    Wonder why?

    • Jason O’Mara

      It’s because we’re so busy thinking how much we love the women in our lives ;^)

      • Laura Trovato Cozine

        Wow, that was an honest answer! (even though the women were warned…eh hmmm)

      • Jodi

        That was -so- the right answer!

      • Susan

        Jason–you silver tongued devil you!
        We envy your wife you know—-  :)

  • Fox Terra Nova

    She just rocks!

  • TreeMonkey

    Why doesn’t anyone say “The Hunger Games!!!”  for a book?…. read it now!!

    • Jason O’Mara

      Somebody did. I just haven’t posted that interview yet…

      • TreeMonkey

        AH! Excellent… there is hope! ;)

        • HSLFP

          Hahaha :)

  • April Hubbel

    Thanks for translating for us slow talking Southerners. :)   Is she actually a professional singer and musician, or were you just teasing her?

    • Brandon Moore

      Yes, she’s also a singer and musician.  She stars in a Disney Channel movie called “Lemonade Mouth,” which is about a group of misfit kids who form a band.

  • Blue Sky

    Hahaha! A couple of years ago my knowledge of English started to reach the point when I suddenly realized I could discern different English accents from each other. I’d love to hear you all talk Irish or Scottish in Terra Nova. I can discern Australian accent, but not New Zealand even tho I’ve been there.

  • Evan H

    I think im in love. Think I have a chance Jason?!

  • Schiepers Robin

    Loved the show.

    It’s interesting to see your videos from terra nova and the impromptu interviews.

    Any news of season 2 ?

    Greets from Belgium :D


    Hey Jim, Do you like the NASDAQ Stock Exchange? Just ask one of the big companies or Bill to buyout Terra Nova so y’all don’t have to wait for fox to make the decision while they sit in ivory tower.

  • claudia-rm

    naomi and dean are amazing