Impromptu Interview #4: Landon Liboiron

August 26th, 2011 | Blog, Impromptu Interviews

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  • Susan

    Nice interview–so what’s the deal with your fruit????

    • Jasono

      I have no idea what he was talking about! For reals!

  • Susan

    Landon should get the teen girls to watch the show. He is very cute.

    • J.J.

      I watch the show and im teenage..i agree!

      • Jerlinkaithamattam

        The cute part that is

      • Jerlinkaithamattam

        the cute part that is……

  • Brandon Moore

    Great impromptu interview!  Landon gave a lot of great answers.  Haha, is your fruit very important to you?


    He is amazing :)
    great suggestions.

  • Ohio fan

    Maybe the plane “paused” because we were recording during take-off.  Tisk. Tisk.  ):

  • ClaudiaLovesTerraNova

    terra nova love me not because i like both but at the same time is it………:) i always love it