Impromptu Interview #3: Brannon Braga

August 25th, 2011 | Blog, Impromptu Interviews

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  • Patti Ford

    This is kinda like stalking, no? In that case I totally dig it. But no music? I think he’s an alien.

  • Jessica Brown

    Second? Yay! Check out, the BEST Terra Nova fansite on the web, follow us on Twitter at  TerraNovaNET, and follow me at jbrowncr for the freshest, most insightful and interesting news on TN!

  • Jessica Brown

    Oh…and Jason, keep up the good work. You’re too cool–funny, handsome, smart and talented. Plus possessing an amazingly sexy Irish accent…;) If I wasn’t happily married I’d stalk you. 

  • Laura Trovato Cozine

    1.  My husband isn’t into music either. Which is freakishly odd since he
        played drums in a traveling band out of high school. I’m glad to know
        he’s not the only one.

    2.  At least (Jason) ya know you’re safe around Brannon! HaHa….There
        was NO hesitation in answering that question…

    3.  Thanks, Jason…I’ll say it again.  The interview idea is wicked cool!

  • Susan


    Gynecologist!!!!!   He answered that so quick it’s almost like he’s been mulling that over!!