Impromptu Interview #11: Dean Geyer

October 27th, 2011 | Blog, Impromptu Interviews

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  • Darell Phillips

    Ice Ice Baby. :)
    Nice clip. Be well.

  • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    He’s a “nice young dude”! I hope to see more of “Reynolds” in upcoming episodes of Terra Nova because so far he is a “nice young man” on the show and we all know that everybody has their “dark side”.

  • Susan

    Too many adorable people in this show!!
    Now -what’s the story with your injury?

  • Stephen

    Nice interview :)
    But… someone should be wearing a seat belt!

  • Alicia

    Can i marry Dean Geyer! <3 He is my favorite actor. Hope your leg feels better :)  

  • Claudia00_rm

    hello i´m from canary slands but i love terra nova. I love dean geyer is beautifull

  • ClaudiaLovesTerraNova

    in spanish now: me encanta terra es decir no puedo explicarlo por que ya es como mi vida me encanta y por cierto me parece que maddie es de lemonade mouth bueno a lo que iva me encanta estoy enganchada ha y washintong va a salir en una interview muy interesante bueno intentare escribir aqui todos los dias. bye bye :)

  • ClaudiaLovesTerraNova


  • Elimathiesoniphone

    Love terra nova! Needs to be on a Sunday night 7 to 8 time slot so the whole family can watch before bedtime. Plus it starts the week out right!

  • Grace Abernathy

    Dean, why don’t you talk like that on the show? OH! that’s a good idea! I know this isn’t suggestion time, but if you feel like taking one: the show is about different people coming together and saving the planet, they should incorporate different cultures in the colony. That would be charmingly ubiquitous :)