How To Take Down a Dinosaur

September 15th, 2011 | Blog

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  • Hilda Clark Bowen


  • Susan

    I guess playing all those cops DID come in handy!
    You all seemed to enjoy shooting things an awful lot—  :)

  • Susan

    I want this show to start NOW!!!!!
    It seems like we have been talking about it forever-

    • Rmtnred

      I’m with you Susan.  This has been like waiting for Christmas when I was a kid!!!!  Not much longer!

  • Julie Ann Narans

    The anticipation is killing me!  Every where I turn someone is talking about Terra Nova.  I seriously can’t wait!

  • Dawn Volante Albers

    I just that the 2nd episode deals with Pterodactyls attacking the compound.  I think they are one of my favorite dinosaurs.  What kind does everyone else like?