November 8th, 2011 | Behind The Scenes


  • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    Best episode EVER and so far!! You and Slang just rocked that fight scene!

  • ila

    nightfall was great the action kept the show moving. i enjoyed how shannon got his daughter through the crawl way with a song. i remember my dad telling me stories to help me feel better. i can’t wait for next eposides to find out what commander taylor’s son up to. the show just keeps me coming back see whats next?

  • Mary51122

    I enjoyed the spider song.  My husband made up a song to sing our son to sleep, and it had much the same melody :)  

  • Anonymous

    GREAT ep!! Loved the Spider Song too – but I still don’t like spiders – but I’d love a room like that :o ) The people of Terra Nova are SO LUCKY to have Jim & Taylor to sort things out for them – enjoyed the “big a$$” fight! I hope that now Taylor orders a boat load of those chips and stores them in a shielded area – just saying, that would be a good idea.

  • Becky Earl

    Loved this episode! Especially ‎’The Great Library of Alexandria’. What an awesome experience that would be! Great action scenes, too!

  • Frances Aiasecca

    the best episode to date. And I got to see it before it is aired in Australia.  so rock on terra nova

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