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Brannon Braga

Impromptu Interview #3: Brannon Braga

Terra Nova writer/producer Brannon Braga answers some questions in this new impromptu interview video.

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Impromptu Interview Alex Graves

Impromptu Interview #2: Alex Graves

Jason interviews the director of Terra Nova’s 2 hour premiere, Alex Graves.

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Hollywood Reporter Terra Nova Shoot

Behind the Scenes of Behind the Scenes of The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter came for a photo shoot and video history was made!

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Stephen Lang

Impromptu Interview #1: Stephen Lang

The very first video in my new impromptu interview series, starring my Terra Nova co-star Stephen Lang.

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Jason O'Mara TCA

Introducting: Impromptu Interviews

Here’s a little something I dreamed up for the website called ‘Impromptu Interview’. For once, I get to ask the questions.

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Terra Nova at Comic-Con

Terra Nova Takes on Comic-Con!

This weekend Slang, Executive Producers Rene Echevarri and Brannon Braga, and Co-Executive Producer Jose Molina sat down to premiere the …

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Welcome to

In this video, Jason opens the doors to the new

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Starsky & Hutch OP

TV Show Opening Titles – RIP?

When I was a kid I used to love the opening titles for TV shows. Sometimes more than the shows …

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Behind the Scenes of Terra Nova

I’ve taken a whole bunch of pictures while filming Terra Nova. You can find new ones weekly on my Facebook …

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Jack Horner and Jason O'Mara

Talking with Jack Horner

Had lunch with Jack Horner in April. This guy is seriously smart, funny and cool. He explains complex scientific theories …

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