TV Guide Puts Terra Nova on the Hot List

November 11th, 2011 | Press


Frankly, they had us at “dinosaurs.” But the folks behind this season’s new time-travel saga Terra Nova delivered so much more. First there’s that rip-snorting premise: Earth in the year 2149 has become such a smog-choked police state that bands of daring pilgrims are willing to trek 85 million years into the past to reboot civilization and give it a second chance. There there was the shock that their Cretaceous-era utopia, though only a few years old, is already ravaged by sociopolitical turmoil, deadly rebels and lots of deep, dark secrets.

The CGI creates– from the gentle, towering brachiosaurs to the slasher-ific acceptors– are dazzling and the dino-human encounters always leave us breathless. But what really stirs us most about Terra Nova is the family drama. Watching the Shannon clan, led by ex-cop dad Jim (Jason O’Mara) and surgeon mom Elisabeth (Shelley Conn), hang tight through all this diversity is downright inspiring. “We’re ‘Swiss Family Robnson’ meets Gunsmoke– a throwback to the golden age of TV where family shows carried a message of hope,” says O’Mara. “Battling dinosaurs every week would get very old very fast if the audience didn’t care about the Shannons. They’re relatable and heartening and, unlike most other TV families in our cynical age, they are not dysfunctional!”

Still, kids will be kids. In tonight’s episode, Jim’s 17-year-old son, Josh (Landon Liboiron), will make a deal with a devil in order to reunite with his girlfriend from the future. — Michael Logan

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  • Becky Earl

    Great write-up! Now, to vote Terra Nova #1 in the People’s Choice Awards!

  • ila

    love the write-up. i have been going to people’s choice awards site and voting every time i’m on the computer. i want a second season. THANKS TO ALL WHO CREATED TERRA NOVA

  • Anonymous

    Great writeup!! Jason, you pros need to keep putting out this quality every week and we have to go out and KEEP VOTING!!

  • Susan

    Love reading some positive articles!
    Hope this gets us some new viewers-

    • Blue Sky

      I like positive too, but it’s also good to say what you really think. No matter what the cost. I’m sure plenty of people see these pages, but don’t want to write anything.

      • Susan

        I’m not understanding you reply Blue Sky-
        Do you think that I’m not saying what I think?

        • Blue Sky

          No, I just tried to explain myself. Everyone’s free to express themselves in the way they like. :-) I like Terra Nova very much and that makes me want to analyse it to pieces. Maybe I should try writing some fanfiction or something.

          • Susan

            If you do–let us read it!!  :)

          • Blue Sky

            Oh God! :-)

  • Darell Phillips

    Nicely written outline to the series. It is indeed a second chance for the human race.

  • Blue Sky

    (Shannons) “unlike most other TV families in our cynical age, they are not dysfunctional!”
    They’re not dysfunctional, but there’s something in trying to portray a non-dysfunctional family that can easily make them seem unreal. I get reminded of the Little House on the Prairie, that I watched as a kid, but can’t stand any more cause I now see the characters a bit too one-dimensional. I’m not saying Terra Nova is like that, but still I got reminded of it anyway. Terra Nova has some characteristics of what the eighties shows used to be like….MacGyver, for example. Maybe it’s just me, but I got tired of that formula long time ago. Other than that, Terra Nova is great.