Jason O’Mara visits The Rachael Ray Show

April 23rd, 2013 | Press


Last week, Jason appeared on The Rachael Ray Show and chatted with the host! Click through these links to see him talk about traditional Irish soda bread and Vegas! He also took some behind the scenes photos, scroll down to see them!


"Each dressing room has a different design theme. I was in 'The Lodge'. Complete with wood panelling, a cozy fire place and chilled refreshments. Love the ceramic stag heads!" - Jason


"Rachael always serves her guests a delicious pre-show snack. This is a beetroot/arugula salad, perogies served the healthy way (with grilled vegetables) and a glass of refreshing cucumber water. For dessert you can see there is a chocolate crusted coffee cake roll that I had to restrain myself from eating first! Rachael has a way of making her guests feel very comfortable and very welcome." - Jason


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