Impromptu Interviews


Impromptu Interview #10: Simone Kessell

Terra Nova’s Lt. Washington answers a few questions in this new Impromptu Interview.

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Impromptu Interview #9: Jon Cassar

Director and Executive Producer Jon Cassar gets the full Impromptu Interview treatment!

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Impromptu Interview Alana Mansour

Impromptu Interview #8: Alana Mansour

Jason interviews the youngest (and cutest?) Shannon child.

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Impromptu Shelley Conn

Impromptu Interview #7: Shelley Conn

Jason gets some answers from his on-screen wife.

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Impromptu Naomi Scott

Impromptu Interview #6: Naomi Scott

Without warning, Jason knocks on his co-stars trailer door and barrages her with questions.

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Impromptu Interview #5: Allison Miller

Jason’s co-star Allison answers some questions in this Impromptu Interview.

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Impromptu Interview #4: Landon Liboiron

Jason and Landon take off… into an impromptu interview!

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Brannon Braga

Impromptu Interview #3: Brannon Braga

Terra Nova writer/producer Brannon Braga answers some questions in this new impromptu interview video.

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Impromptu Interview Alex Graves

Impromptu Interview #2: Alex Graves

Jason interviews the director of Terra Nova’s 2 hour premiere, Alex Graves.

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Stephen Lang

Impromptu Interview #1: Stephen Lang

The very first video in my new impromptu interview series, starring my Terra Nova co-star Stephen Lang.

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