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Impromptu Interviews

Jason O'Mara - Fan Q&A - Samsung Galaxy SIII

A Very Special Fan Q&A

A Very Special Fan Q&A You asked and he answered!  Mr. O’Mara himself recently stopped by Jason Nation HQ to …

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Impromptu Interview #17: Joseph Hodges

Terra Nova Production Designer & Second Unit Director Joseph Hodges get the Impromptu Interview treatment.

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Impromptu Interview #16: Rene Echevarria

Jason interviews writer and Executive Producer Rene Echevarria.

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Impromptu Interview # 14: Jose Molina

Jason talks to Executive Producer Jose Molina about books, movies, music, and the genius of Joss Whedon.

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Impromptu Interview #13: Christine Adams

Jason attempts a surprise Impromptu Interview with the leader of The Sixers.

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Impromptu Interview #12: Rod Hallett

Dr. Malcolm Wallace is impromptu’d on the final day of shooting Terra Nova.

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Impromptu Interview #11: Dean Geyer

Jason takes advantage of a car ride to set to interview Dean Geyer, Terra Nova’s Mark Reynolds.

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Impromptu Interview #10: Simone Kessell

Terra Nova’s Lt. Washington answers a few questions in this new Impromptu Interview.

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Impromptu Interview #9: Jon Cassar

Director and Executive Producer Jon Cassar gets the full Impromptu Interview treatment!

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Impromptu Interview Alana Mansour

Impromptu Interview #8: Alana Mansour

Jason interviews the youngest (and cutest?) Shannon child.

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