Impromptu Interview with Wendi Lynn

  • Little Fish

    Behind the Scenes of “Little Fish”

  • Jason O'Mara

    Inside the Savoy Casino

Behind The Scenes

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The Facade

See what’s behind the facade with Jason!

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Vegas Set Tour – Behind The Scenes Photos

Take a peek behind the scenes of Vegas and see the set from a different perspective!

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Vegas Craft Services!

The Vegas crew loves to grub but one dish in particular has them coming back for more!

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Fan Q&A

Jason answers your questions in this special fan Q&A!

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Jack & Mia – Exclusive

Jason gives you an exclusive look into Jack and Mia’s future!

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Jack’s Rack

Jason lets you peek at Jack’s rack in the wardrobe department of Vegas! Do you think you’ll be able to …

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Tour: Vegas Wardrobe Department

The Vegas set is buzzing with activity in preparation for the final few episodes. Take a look through this gallery …

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Photos of Jason Live Tweeting from the CBS Connect Lounge

Jason takes some photos in the CBS Connect Lounge while live tweeting during the series premiere of Vegas.

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Behind the Scenes of Terra Nova: ‘Resistance’

The final behind the scenes of Terra Nova (for now) covers the season finale. Beware spoilers!

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Behind the Scenes of ‘One for the Money’

Jason joins Katherine Heigl and Debbie Reynolds on a behind the scenes tour of his new film!

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