Terra Nova Takes on Comic-Con!

July 26th, 2011 | Blog

This weekend Slang, Executive Producers Rene Echevarri and Brannon Braga, and Co-Executive Producer Jose Molina sat down to premiere the first hour of Terra Nova to the attendees of San Diego Comic-Con.

First up, an interview with Slang and Rene:

Second, an excerpt from the panel:

Reports back say the con was a blast, and the positive reviews are rolling in! Looking forward to posting more this week.

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  • Hyde

    So to sum it up in these two clips, it’s a “horny & bad-ass show.” Works for me! Seriously though, this show should be a good one.

  • Frank B

    Its gotta be a blast working with all this top notch talent and everyone has great sense of humor. Psyched to hear the Dino stuff of course!!