Impromptu Interview #17: Joseph Hodges

January 4th, 2012 | Blog, Impromptu Interviews

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  • Jlm95q

    Thank you once again for the behind-the-scenes bits and interivews. Most excellent.

  • Rivkah

    Im a fan of Terra Nova.  I have enjoyed reading impromptu interviews. Is it possible for any transcripts on this website. I am deaf and i have no idea what the interview is all about.  

  • sundance02

    Hey Rivkah, 

    I did a quick transcript of this interview for you:

    O’mara: Joseph Hodges!


    Hodges: Hello!


    O’mara: Could you recommend a book, please?


    Hodges: Uh, Fungus the Bogeyman


    O’mara: That’s one of my favorite books!


    Hodges: It’s ’cause I can’t really read books, ’cause
    I remember reading Isaac Asimov “The Foundation”, and on the first
    page there was an elevator, and I remember getting to page 9 and my mind was
    still in the elevator on page one, I need pictures. So Fungus the Bogeyman and
    Watchmen. Graphic novels, or I like to call comics.


    O’mara: (to the woman) Would you get out of there!
    You’re crazy, Jackie! This is a grown-up interview.

    (to Joseph Hodges) Do
    you remember: “Scab and Matter Custard, Snot and Bogey Pie, Dead Dog’s
    Giblets, Green Cat’s Eye, Spread it on Bread, Spread it on thick, Wash it all
    down, With a Cup of Cold Sick”. That’s how much I like Fungus the Bogeyman.


    Hodges: Fungus the Bogeyman!


    O’mara: Um, what’s on your Ipod right, no! What’s, uh,
    recommend a movie, please.


    Hodges: Um, The Princess Bride!


    O’mara: Very good!


    Hodges: Brazil(?) and Blade Runner


    O’mara: Yeah, (something I can’t hear), okay, what’s
    on your Ipod?


    Hodges: Uh, Zach Waters at the moment, uh..


    “Interrupting guy”: Hang on, hang on, wow, wow, wow!
    Gotta get a second camera up, just wanna have a look.


    We’re right in the middle of this, guys, sorry.


    Hodges: ..The Living End, I’m enjoying. And uh, that’s
    about it at the moment, yeah. (something I can’t hear).


    O’mara: Okay, now, if you weren’t a production
    designer or a film director, what would you be?


    Hodges: I’m actually an actor, I usually act as this
    production designer, today I’m acting as a director! No, chef! I’d love to be a


    O’mara: Do you cook?


    Hodges: Yeah, yeah,

    Male voice: Action!


    Hodges: Yeah, no, they don’t need to stay there that
    long, then they should start just, after they’ve shot the first couple of
    times, then they should just run. – Yeah they should, as soon as they found
    their first place, stay there for a couple of seconds, and then they should run
    out, run out towards us. –  Yeah. – Yes. -
    Yeah and they’re just chasing him running behind him. Thanks. – Yeah, so we
    need him lying on the ground. – Yes. Yes.


    O’mara: Last question, Joseph.


    Hodges: Yes


    O’mara: You were the production designer on 24 for
    many years


    Hodges: Yes


    O’mara: What’s Dennis Haysbert like in real life?


    Hodges: Tall


    O’mara: Is he?


    Hodges: (nodding) No, he’s great! Uh, God, that was a
    long time ago. Seems a long time ago. It was three years ago when we finished
    that, I didn’t do season 8, I did the first seven seasons. Yes. No, Dennis
    Haysbert is a lovely man.


    O’mara: Thank you very much, Joseph.


    Hodges: Thank you!

    • Anthony Krauch

      Do you have nothing but time on your hands?

    • Jasonomara

      Thank you for doing that. That was a very cool gesture.

      • sundance02

        thanks :o ) I learned about Fungus the Bogeyman this way; had to look it up on Google to figure out what you were talking about, and now I’m curious to read it.

  • Rivkah

    Sundance02  Thank you for the translation!

  • Rivkah

    Sundance02  Thank you for the translation!

    • sundance02

      No problem! Glad to help :o )