Impromptu Interview # 14: Jose Molina

November 16th, 2011 | Blog, Impromptu Interviews

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  • Blue Sky

    Thank you! Yeah, Joss Whedon is a genius, but so is Jose. :-) Have to remember that movie “Devil’s Backbone”, btw. 

  • Robin Hudson

    Hmm, I wonder if Jose would like to write a question for my Firefly course midterm? Wouldn’t that be cool?!

  • Anthony Krauch


    O’Mara: “What’s Josh Whedon like in real life?”
    Malina: “He’s much shorter and fatter”

    That made me laugh!!

  • Susan

    Shadow Divers–written by Robert Kurson. The U-Boat was 60 miles off the Jersey coast–
    (and I have done my librarian duty for the night!)

  • Darell Phillips

    That’s my favorite II so far, Jason. It’s also fun to see some of the actors in the background.