Impromptu Interview #13: Christine Adams

November 10th, 2011 | Blog, Impromptu Interviews

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  • Blue Sky

    Nice to hear her real accent. So English. And don’t bash Shelley! :-)

  • Blue Sky

    Jason, your accent sounds quite American even off camera..I mean when you’re not acting.

  • Jodi Chick Slapcinsky

    She’s charming. It looks like you were lucky to work with some great people judging by the impromptus. They were a great idea by the way.

  • Jenni Langston

    What are these weird little sound bites that you put at the end of every clip you post?

  • Susan

    I knew I would love her—and I do!!
    She’s funny!!  I love that she hid her salad till the end!

  • Helene

    The funniest impromptu interview so far!

  • Anthony Krauch

    well, at least she’s honest!

  • Markus

    she is a real eye-catcher…

    just got blown away watching the season finale. now i can’t get my head off the show. hope you guys get a 2nd season.

    greetings from germany…

  • Sitara

    when can we find out if you get a second season ?

  • Alan

    I hope there is a second season of Terra Nova this year, because the first season was excellent, specially the conclusion!! Mira still has to reunite with her daughter in 2149 plus she could be taylor’s ally in season two as he stated it in the chapter where they both work together in the jungle. 

  • Pam

    Trading Places – Best Christmas movie…

  • Cynthia Laverdure

    Very Interesting!  I was fortunate as a volunteer diver at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, to experience the making of “Dolphin Tale”, and even got to play an extra in the movie!  I learned so much watching the filming for several months, and gained a lot of respect for the actors!  I never realized how much time and energy it takes just to make a few minutes of movie!  Repeating the same scene for hours!  It was a pleasure seeing how it was done, and assisting our trainers with the animals training prior to the filming being started.  All of the actors were very gracious and pleasant as well. You are very fortunate Jason, as are your fans that you take an interest in us and the behind the scenes workings!  Mahalo from Hawaii!

  • Andrew Planet

    01.18  Man to the right of Simone, hand to head in sync,”Can you tell what i said with my head?  Can you tell someone?”  The final word is the lashing out of the arm

  • michaela

    is terra nova getting a second season because i have heard
    so many things.

  • ClaudiaLovesTerraNova

    terra nova is amazing episodes i´ve seen 2 times. And reynolds is handsome :)